Kirribilli Neutral Bay


Newsletter from Senior Pastor Paul Dale

Dear Friends
In his excellent book “Spiritual Disciplines”, Donald Whitney says ‘We should serve God not just because of duty, because serving him is much more than that. We should serve God because it glorifies God. He is worthy of everything we can do for him and his church. Wouldn’t you agree?’
Serving our God is a wonderful privilege! Many people tell me serving regularly has enhanced their spiritual lives, made them feel more connected with church community, and formed significant Christian friendships. Personally, many of my closest Christian friends have come through serving alongside each other!
There are so many different opportunities to serve at church and we do need literally hundreds of volunteers to enable all the regular and one-off ministries.

Attached is a link to our Serve 2019 booklet, which comprehensively explains all the many and varied ways you could get involved next year. Can I ask you to prayerfully consider how you might play your part in church in 2019 – and then use this link to sign up to serve!

This year we are assuming people are willing to continue in their current area of service in 2019, unless you tell us otherwise via the same sign up form. We’d love to start 2019 with all our ministries fully resourced.
Of course, Christmas is also a wonderful opportunity to serve. We are still looking for many more volunteers to serve across the 12 services and 12 unique Christmas events, so please do volunteer!

And thank you too, to those who've signed up to serve at Carols.  We are anticipating several thousand visitors - but there's always room for more! Why not go to our Facebook pages and use our Carols event post to invite your friends.  This link will give you a short video lesson on how to do this, for those of you that need it.
We are very thankful for your servant hearts and the real Christ-like example of sacrificial serving.
With love in Christ