Steph and Steve move on from the staff team

How thankful I am to know that God is sovereign in all things, and He is always good! Over the past 2 weeks, I have sat down with 2 of our staff members, and with tears heard of their decisions to move on from their roles on staff team. Neither of these conversations were anticipated, both were a shock, and yet both were soaked in mutual respect and appreciation. We’ve rejoiced in the opportunities to serve our Lord together, we’ve looked back with amazement at what God has done, and prayed about what God will do moving forward. Thankfully, both are staying at Church by the Bridge – just not on staff. I’ll let Steph & Steve speak for themselves!

Steph Menear writes: “After much thought and prayer over recent months, I’ve made the decision to resign from my role as Women’s Pastor. After 5 years (and two before that as a student minister), I’m taking a break from working in full-time ministry. I’ll finish up at the end of January, and look for work using my legal background. As I look back, its impossible to count the ways God has blessed me in my 7 years here. I’m so thankful to God for the privilege of serving here, for our church family and the excitement of seeing Him at work in your lives.  I’m deeply thankful for Paul and the ministry team and for the friendships God has given me with each of them. I will miss working with them more than I can say.  I’m thankful to you as a church for your encouragement and prayers over the last 5 years as I’ve worked in this role. I look forward to continuing to be part of the church family here (at Lavender Bay) and would love your prayers as I make this transition.”

Steve Kryger writes: “After nearly 6 years, the time has come for me to move on from my role as Executive Pastor (and previously Communications Pastor and Ministry Trainee) at Church by the Bridge. I will finish up at the end of this month, and have accepted a new role with Katoomba Christian Convention (based in Sydney) in the new year. It was a difficult decision because of the affection I have for this church - in particular the staff team (who are second to none!) and the wonderful church family gathered in Kirribilli and Lavender Bay. However, after prayer and consideration of how God has made me, I feel that this new role is an opportunity to use the gifts God has given, as well as developing new skills that I can use for the advancement of his kingdom in a different place. I am deeply thankful to God (and Paul) for the opportunity to serve here. Rachael, Lucas and I will continue to attend church on Saturday nights, and we appreciate your prayers in this time of change.”

I am deeply thankful to God for both Steve & Steph – for their gifts, their humility, their commitment to see the Lord Jesus proclaimed and to grow disciples. They leave soaked in our prayers. 

In God’s amazing timing, I have already appointed a new Executive Pastor. Stu Lloyd had been applying for Executive Pastor roles at other churches, yet made the decision to stay on Church by the Bridge. On the very same day Steve resigned, Stu was interviewed for a job in the corporate world – and would have accepted that job. However, Stu’s heart is for Christian ministry – and the timing was clearly all of God – so we are delighted that Stu will be joining the staff team here as Executive Pastor. His experience in the business world, plus his experience as warden for the past couple of years will be a huge blessing to our church!

I covet your prayers during this time of transition.

With love in Christ
Paul Dale (Senior Pastor)

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