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Book review: Sex and Money

5 September 2013

"It’s only when God is in his rightful place as the unchallenged Master of our hearts that everything else in our lives will be in their appropriate place as well. When something else replaces him, insanity and chaos of some kind always result." read more

Generous Justice - Tim Keller

3 August 2013

Another ‘spiritual challenger’ by Keller, that takes you to the heart of your personal relationship with God whilst very practically exploring “How God’s grace makes us just”. read more

Just Do Something - Kevin de Young

3 August 2013

Kevin de Young challenges how we often think and speak about God's will, and explores the four ways the Bible uses this term. read more

Prodigal God - Tim Keller

3 August 2013

read more

Mirror Mirror - Graham Benyon

3 August 2013

I wanted my identity to be in Christ, I just wasn't sure what that meant... read more

The Normal Life - Watchman Nee

3 August 2013

Review by Ian Harrison read more

The Christ Files - John Dickson

3 August 2013

Review by Steve Jackson read more

Just Walk Across the Room - Bill Hybels

3 August 2013

Review by Hayley Neal read more

The true and living God - Kim Hawtrey

3 August 2013

Review by Samantha Dunn read more

What’s so amazing about grace? - Phillip Yancey

3 August 2013

Review by Scott Monk read more