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9 December 2013

How thankful I am to know that God is sovereign in all things, and He is always good! Over the past 2 weeks, I have sat down with 2 of our staff members, and with tears heard of their decisions to move on from their roles on staff team. Neither of these conversations were anticipated, both were a shock, and yet both were soaked in mutual respect and appreciation... read more

28 November 2013

Thank you to all who attended the 2014 Vision Nights this week – your presence was an encouragement to many. I am excited to see what God will do in our church over the coming years. I wanted to briefly summarize what was presented... read more

26 November 2013

Two important and exciting pieces of news read more

16 November 2013

John Best looks back on encouragements from the year. read more

28 October 2013

As has been the case with Central in May and August, we have sought to pursue and exhibit spiritual discernment by learning from and applying what the Bible says on a range of issues specifically pertaining to men, women, marriages, leadership and parenting. read more

21 October 2013

Paul Dale shares for your information and prayers. read more

12 October 2013

Defeating worry is not about simply hoping tomorrow will be better. No, defeating worry is about being a good soldier in the deeper war for the heart. read more

5 October 2013

"The cross of the battered Son of God is the battering ram through the blockade into Eden." read more

27 September 2013

The Explore app contains daily Bible readings with questions to help you engage with the Bible text, comment to get you thinking, and ideas for further reading, prayer and application. It includes the Bible text so that you can open up the Bible wherever you are, whenever you can. read more

15 September 2013

If Jesus’ words are true, the sobering reality is that for many of us we do not think Church by the Bridge is important! I know that might seem an outrageous statement but our regular giving would suggest that giving to our local church is not too important to many of us. read more