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5 resources from around the web to spur you on

3 December 2013

Christians with same-sex attraction, Jesus in our adversities, modesty matters, personal evangelism and Derrick - a story of God's grace. read more

5 resources from around the web to spur you on

27 November 2013

Holding your tongue, a simple question, advent readings, tips for spiritual growth, and stay at home mums. read more

Generous Christians: George Peabody

13 November 2013

George Peabody (1795-1869) was an American-British entrepreneur who felt that riches were a gift from heaven to be used for the good of the world and not to be laid away. He founded the Peabody Trust in Britain and the Peabody Institute in Baltimore, and was responsible for many other charitable initiatives. The Peabody Trust continues to this day and houses 50,000 people across London. read more

Generous Christians: John Thornton

13 November 2013

John Thornton (1720-1790) was a wealthy banker and Christian philanthropist. He invested heavily in the Russian and Baltic trade and acquired wealth that he donated to Christian ministry causes. read more

Generous Christians: John Bulow Campbell

13 November 2013

John Bulow Campbell (1870-1940) was an Atlanta civic leader, businessman and Southern Presbyterian layman whose philanthropy flowed from the conviction that humility, charity, and service were the necessary elements of an authentic Christian life. read more

Generous Christians: John Howard

13 November 2013

John Howard (1726-1790) was a philanthropist and social reformer dedicated to prison reform and public health improvements. His conversion to Christianity prompted him to do anything God asked him to do. After inspecting various prisons he was disgusted by their condition and set out to spend his time and money reforming world prisons. read more

Generous Christians: George Muller

13 November 2013

George Müller (1805-1898) was an English evangelist and philanthropist. His life was characterized by prayer, faith and self-denial for the cause of Christ. He is quoted as saying, ‘It ill becomes the servant to seek to be rich and great and honoured in that world where his Lord was poor and mean and despised.’ read more

18 things I will not regret doing

13 November 2013

A terrific series of advice for parents, husbands and wives from Christian blogger, Tim Challies. read more

Practical support for people affected by the bushfires

25 October 2013

Some people known to members of our church have some practical needs after the fires. If you would like to provide some practical support, here's some items you might like to donate or purchase. read more

5 resources from around the web to spur you on

24 October 2013

Benefits of forgiveness, when babies die, cooking for eternity, chastity and tips on spiritual growth. read more