Euthanasia Bill Submissions required immediately


Senate Euthanasia Bill Submissions required immediately: deadline 21st August

I encourage you to make a submission to the Senate enquiry about Euthanasia legislation by this Thursday 21st August. 

The Bill is called The Medical Services Bill (Dying with Dignity) 2014 and proposes to extend federally-funded medical services to include physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Examples of the results of such laws in places where they operate include:

  • Belgium - the 'right' of children of any age to be euthanased,
  • Netherlands – large numbers of mentally incompetent patients killed without their knowledge or consent,
  • Oregon – patients with untreated depression receiving prescriptions to help them commit suicide. 

If this is not where you think Australia should go, the time to act is now. The number of submissions that are made is an important factor in influencing the outcome of such reviews.

This is the link to make a submission using a proforma. It will take less than 10 minutes (read the provided link to the draft Bill, answer 'yes' or 'no' and option for 100 words to explain your position!) 

The link to make the submission is

For more information, including a link to the bill and an outline of general public discussion points see these General Public discussion points I have put together.

Thank you for your help in protecting our vulnerable fellow citizens. 

Yours In Christ

Dr. Megan Best 

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