A summary of our vision for 2014

Thank you to all who attended the 2014 Vision Nights this week – your presence was an encouragement to many. I am excited to see what God will do in our church over the coming years. I wanted to briefly summarize what was presented:

Vision2014: Making mature disciples

In line with Jesus’ great commission ‘Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations’ (Matt 28:19), and Paul’s desire in Colossians 1:28-29 to ‘present everyone mature in Christ’, our vision for 2014 is to ‘make mature disciples’. Quite simply, that means making disciples and growing disciples. Using the basic principles of Bible, prayer, church and evangelism, we seek to grow a church which meditates on God’s word, delights to pray, does not neglect meeting together and takes every opportunity to share our faith. In practice, what this looks like is:


a) Weekend gatherings (Dan op de Veigh: Gatherings director)
We gather for ‘mutual edification through hearing and responding to God’s word’. So we come expecting to hear God speak powerfully and we participate in building one another up.

b) Midweek gatherings (Andy Pearce: Maturity director)
In 2014, we’re introducing ‘TheHive’. This is a discipleship structure fuelled by every member ministry with the goal of spiritual maturity in Christ’. The basic structure will be:
i) Pods: People will sign up for a Pod of 3-4 people (single gender, based on networks or congregations). These are the hub of mutual pastoral care & encouragement
ii) HiveGroups will consist of 2-3 Pods, with 1 or 2 leaders. Groups can either meet at HiveCentral (on Tues or Wed nights at church, with a meal followed by input, bible study, prayer, upfront encouragement) OR SatelliteHives (in homes, on the mutually convenient day & time)
iii) Week 1: Pods will meet to pray, followed by Central Prayer Meeting (1st Tues or Wed of month)
Weeks 2-4: Groups will meet for Bible study, discipleship & prayer
iv) On 5th week (Jan, Apr, July, Oct), men/women/ marriage / parenting / singleness / hot topic nights.


(Simon Jackson & Dan Webster: Mission directors)

a) Networks: Intentional efforts to make disciples in the context of our personal lives and natural affinity groups (e.g. running groups)

b) Neighbourhood: Living out the gospel as a community in our mission area through word & deed
In word: we’ll be seeking present the good news of Jesus through Christianity Explored, Playtime, Summer Scenes, Easter Festival (music, art, food & fashion – similar to I Heart Kirribilli), Soul, SuperSunday, Carols, Easter & Christmas, and door knocking our mission area
In deed: we’ll again run Winter Appeal (Anglicare), Operation Christmas Child, Community Lunches, loving the residents of Greenway & visiting James Milson retirement village
Church planting is also on the agenda, with plants planned for early 2015 and Easter 2016.

c) Nations: Partnering with and seeking to raise up (from among our church) nation impacting disciples of Jesus Christ on every continent (of the globe). So we’re committed to our 13 excellent mission partners, exploring new partnership opportunities, organizing short term mission trips to India, Darwin and a regional NSW church; as well as sending individuals.

As ever, we’re dependent on our gracious God for his protection, provision & growth

Paul Dale (Senior Pastor)

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