A recap of men’s ministry in 2013

In the role of Men’s Pastor at Church by the Bridge, my main aim is ‘to disciple men in Bible reading, prayer and personal godliness’. I am thankful to God this has occurred for many men this year, leading to a growth in their trust of the Lord Jesus Christ and their service of Him. It is truly a work of the Lord’s grace and mercy that we may grow in Him and for Him.

At the recent men’s event the Bible passage used to ‘anchor’ our thinking and challenge us was Romans 12:1-2, particularly verse 2 - “Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may test and approve what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God”. Having met individually with over 100 of our brothers in Christ this year, it has been a great encouragement that men are eager to offer their lives to God and be serious about the process of ‘being transformed’. I look forward to meeting other men over time and to encourage them in their faith.

The men’s events this year explored topics looking at the practical ways of growing in our faith. Also, through the year a number of men attended various conferences to seek to grow in Christ. Men have been involved in courses the Valiant Man course, mission, CBD prayer meetings and times of general encouragement through serving together and socialising. My personal desire is that the other points in the role description are fulfilled, namely – to recruit and train future male pastors. This has been happening at Church by the Bridge and I am prayerful that this may increase and create a wonderful platform for growth in Christ and the ministry of the gospel. Here is some feedback of a new discipleship relationship:

“My purpose of meeting with an older brother has been to grow my spiritual walk with God and to help not only get closer to God and to become more like Him but also to discuss what it means to be a man in today’s world. We meet for coffee fortnightly before work and have a time of sharing, encouragement and prayer. A very useful way to spend 30-60 minutes of my day!”

Thank you for your prayers for men’s ministry - God has been kind to us. My prayer is that the various men who have the gifts and opportunities to lead and disciple other men will do so and that those men will grow in maturity and disciple others.

In Christ
John Best, Men’s Pastor

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