We all have questions we'd like God to give us the answers to ... where have we come from? what happens when we die? why is the world so messed-up? why does religion cause so much violence? how bad is too bad? hasn't science disproved God? 

Over the next 5 Sundays we will be answering our community's most popular questions. There is still time to submit your questions below. No question is off-limits and you don't have to believe in God to ask a question. 

Sunday 23rd April - Why does Christianity cause so much anger & violence?

Sunday 30th April - What does God say about climate change?

Sunday 7th May - Is God anti-women?

Sunday 14th May - God, if you are good, why do bad things happen to me?

Sunday 21st May - Why bother with God?

We'd love to see you at 8am, 9.45am, 3.30pm, 5.30pm & 7pm at Broughton St, Kirribilli or 6.15pm at 181 Blues Point Rd.


In the mean time you might like to listen to our answers from last year's questions...

1. Why pin so much on a book that is full of fiction and contradiction?

2. Why is there so much hate and evil in the world?

3.  Why are my prayers unanswered? 

4. Is God really anti-gay?


Submit your question...

By SMS to 0477 752 214

By email to onequestion@cbtb.org.au