James and Simone Boswell, parents of 6 children, and authors of the book Cyber Parenting, will present a seminar on how to parent our children through the ever changing landscape of the cyber world.  

Thursday 11th May 7.15pm for 7.30pm - 9.30pm at Church by the Bridge, Kirribilli

Our children’s lives are immersed in technology; their music, social schedule, schoolwork, games and daily interaction rely on it. Not so long ago, we as parents could limit our kids’ exposure to the Internet, guiding them through the information they found and protecting them from predators, bullying and porn. But the goalposts have moved: devices are portable and access is possible 24/7.

Simone and James Boswell update parents on what they need to know about technology and how it impacts families. But more importantly, they discuss timeless parenting principles that help mums and dads teach their kids how to live out their faith online and stand firm when the physical and digital worlds collide.