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Big Questions: God & Science

Big Questions: God & Science image

DATE: Thursday 15th August
TIME: 7.30pm - 9.15pm
LOCATION: Church by the Bridge, Kirribilli

To coincide with National Science week, on Thursday August 15th we will be holding a “Big Questions” seminar that will look at Belief in God in an age of Science. 

Some outspoken physicists and biologists have triumphantly claimed that "science has eliminated the basis for belief in God, while others see the scientific evidence as pointing towards a creator God."

Our Big Questions seminar is for skeptics and believers alike and will explore the question "Can we still believe in God in an age when science is considered to be the most trustworthy source of knowledge?"

Guest speaker Dr David Whalley will explore questions such as:-

  • Can a rational scientist believe in God and Why?
  • Can science explain everything?
  • Where did our universe come from?
  • Why is the universe “Fine Tuned” for life?
  • Why does mathematics so elegantly describe or cosmos?
  • Can you believe in both a Creator God and Evolution?

He will also share some reflections on his journey to faith and his relationship with a personal, relational God.  There will be plenty of time too for an interactive Q&A session.

Please do join us Thursday August 15th, 7.30pm-9.15pm at Church by the Bridge Kirribilli.