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Wisdom in Ecstasy

Living Wise
12 September 2010
Mark Smith

Marriage is not a neutral topic – but an important one.  Whether marriage is a delight or source of grief to us, God calls us all to honour it (Heb 13v4) & frequently describes his relationship to His people as a husband to a bride (like the book of Hosea!).  We need to think clearly in this area to get the most important human relationship right – as well as the divine.

The wise life in Song of Songs understands marital love is to be celebrated & protected.  The song is a rhapsody of love in marriage, rather than a technical treatise.  Its idealism encourages us to celebrate.  Its realism encourages us to protect.  The wise will patiently arouse this love, delight in it & jealously protect it.  The truly wise will bask in seeing this is the love God has for us – that the redeemed are loved & are to love in response.