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School of Theology Open Night - The Gospel and the Reproductive Revolution

School of Theology
5 September 2012
Professor Robert Norman

It is a God-given desire to create and love a child. Yet, sometimes having a child isn't straightforward. In 2012, a range of options are available to help fulfil this desire. IVF. Stem cells. Donor eggs. Surrogacy. Which of these are good? Which should we steer clear of? How do we make these assessments? Often we lack up-to-date knowledge in the area of reproductive technology and we lack a solid gospel-driven ethical framework through which we make these decisions.

Professor Robert Norman, a world-leading medical specialist and researcher in the area of human fertility and evangelical Christian speaks to the subject 'The Gospel and the Reproductive Revolution'. He inspires us to both care for those who struggle with infertility and care deeply about the ethics surrounding the beginning of life.