At Church by the Bridge, we rejoice in God's gift of marriage. We believe God instituted marriage for His purposes and for our good, and we look forward to helping couples prepare for married life together.  At Church by the Bridge we conduct Christian wedding services. Whilst we welcome all people and all couples to our church, we uphold that marriage in God’s sight is between one man and one woman voluntarily entered into for life.

Our church is a beautiful, historic building which has recently been renovated. Its maximum seating capacity is up to 200 people, but around 140 people is a more comfortable fit. Please download the wedding info pack for more information.

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Take the next step

If you are interested in getting married at Church by the Bridge, we've put together a short introduction to help you. It outlines the steps involved and answers frequently asked questions. We’ve also listed some resources we recommend to help you prepare to be married, and make the most of married life.