Parish council

Wardens and Parish Councillors are elected by the church each year. They oversee the ‘operations’ of the church - in particular, property and finance matters. There are three sub-committees of Parish Council - Finance, Property, and Policy and HR.

The curent Parish Council consists of the following people:

Finance: Ian Campbell (Warden); Paul Martin, Stu Lloyd, Josh Kirkwood

Property: Amanda Hunter (Warden); Kenta Plaxton

Policy & HR: John Collins (Warden); Kelly Forde, Ray Giblett

Mission: Roger Burton, Anna Schofield


Nominators are: Linda Campbell, Kylie Chisholm, Andrew France, Dean Israel, Karen Moller.

Parish Council Meeting Dates 

The meeting dates for 2018 are:

5th April
17th May
14th June
26th July
6th September
18th October
29th November


If you have any questions for Parish Council, please speak with one of the Parish Councillors or email the church office and your query. will be forwarded on.