Kirribilli Neutral Bay

Intern Program

We are passionate about raising up the next generation of leaders of God’s church. Through our intern program, we hope to train people for a lifetime of serving God, whatever that might look like- whether as a pastor, church planter, bible-college student, secular worker, campus worker or overseas missionary.


Our internships are a two-year program designed to give people practical experience and genuine ministry responsibilities. At the end of your internship we hope you will be experienced and equipped in five key ministry skills:


You’ll be involved in evangelism as we seek to win the thousands of lost people in our neighbourhood (and beyond) for Jesus. That might include leading our explore courses, brainstorming new initiatives or meeting with unbelievers.

We want you to grow as a teacher of God’s word. You’ll have regular opportunities to teach in Connect Groups, preaching, kids ministry or one-to-one discipleship. 

Discipleship and Pastoral Care
We hope you will develop a pastoral heart for others, experienced in caring for and discipling people under your care.

You’ll experience what it’s like to raise up, equip and mentor other leaders around you.

There will be opportunities for you to grow as a leader. This might include leading a team, thinking strategically about a ministry or the opportunity to start or plant brand new ministries.

We believe these five ministry skills are vital for a lifetime of serving God, wherever he leads you.


There are lots of opportunities at our church to grow in these ministry skills. In particular:

Sunday Gathering: Interns will help our congregational pastors in leading and pastoring one of our eight Sunday gatherings.

Specialising: You might also have a particular focus ministry, whether it be kids, youth, music, administration, or wellbeing and care.

Others: We hope each intern will have the opportunity to be challenged and stretched through things like Connect Group leading, scripture teaching, creche, evangelism courses and housing-commission ministry.


We hope that you will not become an intern based purely on what you might get out of it. Come and be an intern because you want to serve God and his people. We are praying for interns who are gripped by a desire to see lives transformed for the glory of Jesus.

Having said that, we will offer you regular care and training so that you will feel supported across your internship and leave equipped for a lifetime of ministry. This includes:

Formal Training
Intern training will take place each week, working through a two year cycle of topics. This will be run by our team of pastors, giving you a variety of voices and input. This training will cover three key areas: christian living, theology and ministry skills.

There will be also a few books that you will read across your internship.

We know that each intern begins with different levels of giftedness and experience. One of our pastors will meet regularly with you to support you, pray with you, help you reflect and offer feedback. We hope this will also be helpful in you thinking about whether full-time ministry is for you in the future.

Learning in community
Something our interns really appreciate is the opportunity to do ministry alongside other interns, rather than being alone. You’ll have the chance to sharpen each other, encourage one-another and have fun together.


The internship is designed to ideally be full-time across two years.

The position will be paid, with 50% of your stipend fundraised by you. Learning how to raise financial support is an important ministry skill in and of itself. We will train and support you throughout the process.


Our internship positions are limited. If you’re interested, please email We’d love to talk to you to help answer any questions you have and help you reflect on whether being an intern is for you. We can also tell you more about the application and interview process.

We are also running an Intern Info Night on Thursday 29th August. Contact us for more information.

Applications close 1st October.