Hive Learning & PTC

Deepen your knowledge and love of God

On Monday 30th May a group of us will commence the PTC (Preliminary Theology Certificate) 'Old Testament 2' course offered through Moore Theological College. This is a great opportunity to to explore the biblical meaning of worship and how that meaning is expressed.

The group will meet fortnightly in Kirribilli for 5 sessions (studying 2 units per session) plus an optional exam. 


No theological knowledge is required to attend the course, but we do ask that you are an active participant of a HiveGroup and you do not stop attending your HiveGroup in order to do PTC. 

You will be required to do about 2 hours of reading and preparation each week. 
There will be a multiple choice exam at the end of the course which can be credited towards Introduction to Theological Studies Certificate. 

The cost of the course is $90, which includes all course materials.

Course Details:

Subject: Former Prophets (Old Testament 2). 
This unit considers the Former Prophets from Joshua to 2 Kings. 


  1. Introduction to the former prophets
  2. The book of Joshua
  3. The book of Judges
  4. 1 Samuel 1 – 12: Samuel and the beginnings of the monarchy
  5. 1 Samuel 13 – 31
  6. 2 Samuel
  7. 1 Kings 1-11
  8. 1 Kings 12 – 2 Kings 17: Israel and Judah
  9. 1Kings17–2 Kings 13
  10. 2 Kings 18 – 25 

Enrol by: 21st May
Course commences: 7.30pm Monday 30th May
Exam (optional): 7.30pm Monday 8th August


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