Living Single Mini-Conference

25 May

On Saturday 10 June, we are holding a 'Living Single Mini-Conference' at church. It's a wonderful opportunity to gather as a group of singles, whether never married, divorced, widowed, older or younger. From 2pm onwards, we'll hear Bible teaching from Chris Thomson, hearing from God's Word about the joys and struggles of singleness. We will also hear testimonies and TED talks from a number of men & women in our church - addressing topics such as 'financial management', 'holidays', 'am I really content', 'companionship', ;practical hospitality' and 'overcoming the stigma of divorce'. We will then head out for dinner together. Since it's Vivid that night, we'll stay local for dinner - and those who want to walk over bridge to see Vivid can do that afterwards.
So please come along (no need to register), and invite other single Christians from other churches. For more details, contact Paul Dale.

Answers to your questions

3 April

We all have questions we'd like God to give us the answers to ... where have we come from? what happens when we die? why is the world so messed-up? why does religion cause so much violence? how bad is too bad? hasn't science disproved God? 

This autumn we’re gathering our community's questions for God. The most popular will be addressed in 4 talks over 4 Sundays at Church by the Bridge. No question is off-limits and you don't have to believe in God to ask a question. 

In 2016 we address these questions...

  1. Why pin so much on a book that is full of fiction and contradiction?
  2. Why is there so much hate and evil in the world?
  3. Why are my prayers unanswered? 
  4. Is God really anti-gay?

and in 2017 we address these questions...

  1. Why does Christianity cause so much violence & anger?
  2. What does God say about climate change?
  3. Is God anti-women?
  4. God, if you are good, why do bad things happen to me?
  5. Why bother with God?

Listen to all the answers here

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