Men at The Oaks

22 August

You and your friends are invited to Men at The Oaks - A Men’s Evangelistic Event on Thursday the 22nd September at 7.30pm at the Oaks. Our speaker is Al Stewart and he will be speaking on 'Why bother with Jesus in a world that's moved on?'. Al is so good at speaking to Aussies about the Gospel he does it as his full time job. $25 including pizza & salads.

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Women’s Breathe Breakfast

20 August

We have an exciting morning coming up for our women here at Church by the Bridge. Our annual Breathe Breakfast - Saturday 17th September 9am to 11 am. Come and be replenished and inspired by God’s word and hear from a gifted teacher, Alison Whalley as she opens Gods word to inspire us and prepare us for the busy time coming up at the end of the year.

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Kids Super Sunday 4th Sept

8 August

Super Sunday 

Sunday 4th Sept 2016
9.30-11.30am & 3.15-5pm

Super Sunday is a special morning for kids aged 3 and above. Join us for craft, and games and to discover a little more about Jesus

It's a great chance to invite family or friends who have children this age to come along to this ramped-up & special Kid's Church morning as they learn and have fun!

Isaiah: starts 17th July

4 July

We are excited to be preaching through Isaiah this term. We’re taking 11 weeks to do a big picture overview, with all the major chapters being tackled in sermons and in HiveGroups. Alongside this, we’re encouraging people to read through Isaiah in their Quiet Times and providing daily bible readings to enable us to read through the whole book in line with the sermons series.

The book of Isaiah has been described as the Romans of the Old Testament – theologically rich and complex, yet with
a very simple message ‘Trust God who will bring salvation through judgement’. Isaiah says that same message again and again. Trust in the Lord, whatever your situation, whatever political crisis or spiritual confusion. Keep trusting the Lord. He is often at work in hidden or surprising ways to save His people.

As we read through Isaiah, the repeated question is ‘In Whom will you trust?’ The question is posed a few times. For example Isaiah 36:4 “where will God’s people put their trust?”. Will they trust the surrounding nations, their political wisdom and shrewd policies – or will they rely on the promises of the Sovereign Lord?

Or Isaiah7:9 “If you do not stand in your faith, you will not stand at all’. That’s a warning to King Ahaz, who aligned himself with worldly powers, rather than the Almighty, all-sovereign God. Similar questions are asked in Isaiah 12:2 and 26:4

Primarily a study of Isaiah will enhance our knowledge of God – not just doctrinally, but relationally.

If we want to strengthen our understanding of God’s sovereignty over his world, read Isaiah. If we want to be more content in God’s faithfulness to his people in the present day, as well as future hope, read Isaiah! If we want to be more certain of the uniqueness of Jesus Christ, to judge and to save all people, read Isaiah.

As David Jackman helpfully says “How would you try to woo people away from the siren voices of our contemporary culture, with its supercial understanding of human nature, it’s remedies which cannot mend broken hearts and lives, reductionist and materialist ways of life in this world which fail their adherents over and over again? If you want to encourage faith in God’s promises, rather than a desperate resort to human policies, whether political, social, ecclesiastical or personal, you will preach Isaiah”.

Our prayer for this preaching series is that we would indeed trust God, because of his character that we will be pondering on and delighting in each week. 

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