TheHive FAQS

How can I get the most of my HiveGroup?

One of the lessons we hope you will learn this year is the value of studying the passage before coming to the group study. This may be new to you, but believe us when we say that it transforms your Hive gathering! Each study usually has a few questions to help you get to the heart of the passage. Usually the last question will ask you to think through the implications of the passage for today. Think hard about these questions as we believe that any Bible study should result in changed lives- since it is God who is speaking to us! If you are pushed for time, why not use the questions for your own personal Bible reading / quiet times.

Download TheHive prep book here

What is TheHive studying in 2015?

In 2015, we're working our way through Mark's gospel across the whole year. If you are keen to dig deeper into Mark, you can buy this great new book which helps you ask some good questions and find some astonishing answers. Click here to buy it or if you want to buy it for your HiveGroup, you can get a group discount here.

Can I choose who I am in a Pod with?

We do our best to accommodate requests, but logistics means that may not be possible. We are keen for people to be in Pods with people who it will be easy to meet with.

I don't know anyone at church, can I still be in a Pod?

Yes. Pods are intentionally designed for you to get to know 2 people really well. Sign-up to TheHive and we'll allocate you to a Pod.

I’m away a lot with work, can I still be in a Pod?

Yes. Sign-up and we’ll endeavour to place you with people who you can support and encourage; despite the busyness of life. 

Can I be in the same HiveGroup as my spouse?

Yes. Unless you prefer to attend a group that one of you is not able to attend (eg. Tuesday Women).

Why Pods and HiveGroups?

With the busyness of life and relational fragmentation, it is not always possible to do as much for Christian brothers and sisters as perhaps we would like. Pods are designed to help us serve and care for each other by focussing our time and attention on two people.

I'm new to church, can I join TheHive?

Yes, but we ask all newcomers to church to attend Belonging before joining TheHive. This course is designed to introduce you to Church by the Bridge and all that we are about.

I'm not a Christian, can I join TheHive?

The best place for you to start is our Christianity Explored course. Once you have done the course, chat to your leaders about what is the best next step for you. 

Will there be breaks?

Yes. TheHive will follow the  NSW public school term times.

Will HiveGroups be mixed gender?

Yes, as far as the nature of the group and numbers dictate. HiveGroups are formed of 2 or 3 Pods plus leaders. If you would like to be in a same-gender HiveGroup, please specify and we will try to accommodate this.

Will I be in a HiveGroup with people from my congregation?

Yes, HiveGroups and Pods are formed of people from the same congregation where possible. HiveGroups from different congregations will gather centrally on Tuesday and Wednesday which provides an opportunity to get to know people from different congregations.